Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have you thought about Thought?

What's fun about it?
Yes, life's fun is all around the "THINK"!

We may delve how can it be?
Yes, it is.  Without a thought nothing will happen, even, a Smile on the face also.

Do you know that even SLEEP is the result of thinking?
Ofcourse, accepting this is very hard as it is associated with the physical and mental stresses.  "Truth" is always hard to accept!

Some times it is not agreeable that the thinking do Everything.  But, see that, the present action we do is based on thinking the past.  Some situation may have happened and to avoid that type of situation is the present action is in result.  "I want to avoid that now"- how can you say this, isn't the reflection of thinking?

Many of us tell that SAGES are able to stop thinking.  Even in the Meditation, you will be thinking on one particular thing like keep on concentrating between Eyebrows, Air flow or chanting Name/Mantra.  As the intention of doing it is to achieve calm/peace or whatever, which the positive action (a result of positive thinking(to achieve peace)), the result will be positive.  

Even in meditation you will be thinking on a particular one and get immersed in to it, it may be possible to go to thought less state but takes very very very long time and effort.  

For normal people, I think it's not possible, because we keep conscious about one thing(meditating) and Unconscious about the rest of the things. 

The above para usually be happening many times in our life.  When we are concentrated about one particular work or thing, we become unconscious about the things even beside us.

We all Know
Though we know this
Why don't we change to "Think +ve" and make things Positive?

Let us start thinking Positive!

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